Children’s Ministries

Youth group opportunities are a major part of Christian nurture during the pre-teen and teen years. And, those who spend time at Kingsway on Sunday nights will tell you it’s a lot of fun! We invite you to serve – serve Kingsway’s youth and you’ll be blessed.  Call Abby at 901-683-3505 (leave a message) to get the details on this spring’s fun and discovery.  
Worship and Wonder during the Worship Hour,is a Worship experience for children ages 3 to 3rd grade.
Based on the religious education ideas of Maria Montessori,

Children Worship and Wonder  acknowledges that children already have a relationship with God and that they are comfortable living in questions.   Within a sacred space created just for them, children have the opportunity to hear Bible stories and form responses based on their own life experiences.  At the same time they learn religious language, church traditions and how to participate in worship.

Worship begins with quieting ourselves and getting ready to hear one of God’s stories.  We do this through a variety of ways, including singing.  The stories (told by trained storytellers who move figures around) begin in the fall with the Old Testament and then we go through Advent and Christmas.  

After hearing one of God’s stories (which includes some “wonder” questions) children have the opportunity to respond by talking to God using several media, such as crayons, markers, chalk, paints and play dough.  Sometimes they work with the story that has just been told and sometimes they might simply read a story.  After their response time, children come back to the circle and we read the story out of the Bible and have prayer of thanksgiving, followed by a feast!

Pre School Sunday School Class, begins at 9:30. Ages 3 through Kindergarten
Children’s Sunday School Class, begins at 9:30. First grade through fifth grade